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Origins of Malu secures funding, cancels Kickstarter project

Jef Reahard

So, forget that whole thing we said yesterday about Origins of Malu's new Kickstarter project. Burning Dog Media has canceled the funding drive less than a day after it began, but the situation isn't as dire as it sounds.

In fact it sounds pretty positive, as the indie outfit has secured funding for its sci-fantasy sandbox title and lead developer Michael Dunham has updated the Origins website with an explanation. "We did not want to disappoint anyone. We know this seems like a strange turn of events, but we are learning just how fast the game industry can change. And all I can say is this will give us the ability to deliver what you have been asking and begging for for years," Dunham writes.

Burning Dog will refund the pledges of Kickstarter contributors and provide them with a substantial list of in-game bonus items for their trouble.

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