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PSA: Incredipede stretches its limbs today, play the free web demo


, the customizable crawling creature game from Colin Northway, is available now for purchase, running $15. If the above launch trailer doesn't totally convince you, Incredipede also has a free in-browser demo.

People who pre-ordered the game had access to a beta build, and they constructed some pretty outstanding (and out-creeping, out-stretching, out-rolling) creatures, such as the Tractor, Jumper, Upsitube, Snake, and Northway's own creation, the Spider. If you need more help crafting your own Incredipede monster, Northway has a series of tips videos on the main website.

"Incredipede definitely rewards continued play," Northway says. "The first hour is going to be a different experience from the fourth hour." The fourteenth hour's experience, we assume, is a blur of joints, protrusions and green skin. See for yourself on Incredipede's main site.

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