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Evil Controllers kickstarting a Li-Ion powered 360 controller


Evil Controllers, makers of controller hacks such as the evil d-pad and the accessible Adroit "switchblade" controller, have recently taken to Kickstarter to fund a lithium-ion-powered Xbox 360 controller mod. The battery can keep the same charge for weeks, according to Evil Controllers CEO Adam Coe, though the Kickstarter page also lists an expected battery life of 10 hours of non-stop use. The updated battery charges over a provided mini-USB cable as well as Microsoft's play n' charge cord.

A $50 pledge to the project nets donors a backplate for their Xbox controllers with the battery included. It takes a fairly large donation, $150 and $200 to be precise, to receive a fully-modded Evil Controllers gamepad. The project's funding goal is $15,000, which Evil Controllers hopes to reach by December 2.

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