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Breakfast Topic: The story behind your own personal WoW marathon


We all have a WoW marathon story -- that time we were sailed so far into the world of Azeroth for so long that we didn't come up for air for an utterly amazing (appalling?) number of hours. The thing is, in World of Warcraft, marathon play sessions aren't a given merely by dint of the game's design. Even back in the old-school days of classic WoW, activities have always been fairly discrete (nothing like the panicked, griefer-fraught, emotionally wringing 40-hour camp I ran for my j-boots in EverQuest, WoW's most immediate predecessor -- a routine camp for an item widely considered a must-have). Instead, WoW marathons are mostly special occasions of our own design and choosing: a charity marathon, a push for realm firsts or even world firsts.

Before we go any further, a quick poll:

OK, so now that we know how long you've played in a single sitting, give us the backstory. What was so compelling that you couldn't tear yourself away from the keyboard? Was that marathon out of the norm for you? Was it a rewarding experience that helped you accomplish a particular goal? Would you do it again?

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