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Nintendo planning Direct presentation for Miiverse details, Friend Codes not required


A month from launch, we're all still terrifyingly in the dark as to the Wii U's online functionality. Nintendo will help correct that soon, by hosting a Nintendo Direct streaming presentation about the Miiverse service.

In an investor Q&A, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata described the primary purpose of Miiverse as a way to amass friends for gameplay opportunities, and for players to spread the word about under-the-radar games. " "As there are many excellent but buried games in the world, and you must be impressed by some of them," he said, "the important mission of Miiverse is to create opportunities to let you know about such games without spending our finite advertising budget on it." Please continue advertising games, Nintendo.

The friend gathering will take place through "empathizing." Players can choose to become friends with people they interact with on Miiverse, rather than through a Friend Code process. "As Miiverse is not confined to dedicated gaming platforms and will be available on smart devices in the near future," Iwata said, "we hope that, even on a train where many people are using smart devices, you will know how your gaming friends are enjoying their games."

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