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Dead or Alive 5 ships 580,000 copies worldwide in first month


Tecmo Koei shipped out 580,000 copies of Dead or Alive 5 in the game's first month of release. The company revealed the figure yesterday in its second quarter financial report. While it reads a little unclear through Google Translate, given the timing and the nature of the report these are likely shipment rather than sales figures.

While shipment figures aren't always great indicators of sales, 580,000 in one month compares reasonably to the 700,000 copies Dead or Alive 4 shipped worldwide in its first two months.

Tecmo also revealed a year-on-year improvement of 26.0% for operating income in the first half of its fiscal year, up to ¥897 million ($11.3 million). The company's revenue improved by 0.7% up to ¥13,724 million ($172.7 million).

Meanwhile, the game's third wave of downloadable outfits hits Japan today. Tecmo hasn't yet revealed when they'll be available here - revealed being very much the operating word.

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