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Mass Effect 3 goes trick-or-treating with a Halloween Challenge


BioWare is celebrating Halloween with a special trick and treat-inspired multiplayer challenge in Mass Effect 3. Beginning today and running through November 5, there are three new tasks for players to take on to earn a special holiday reward: Players need to run five extractions on the Firebase Ghost map (or its Hazard version), earn 7500 points against zombies (also known as husks or abominations in the Mass Effect parlance) and earn 10,000 points against monsters (which includes brutes, scions, praetorians, and banshees). Completing the tasks on any difficulty will earn players a Halloween Challenge Banner.

What's too bad is that you won't get the Halloween-themed characters teased above to join your gang. Bioware doesn't say, but we're pretty sure they're crew members for some other Mass Effect 3 team, maybe helmed by one Commander SCARE-perd of the USS Norman-DIE! Boooooo! [Ed. Note: You're fired.]

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