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Ubisoft Reflections hiring for Watch Dogs [update]


Are you a hacker, able to remotely ID people you see and change traffic lights at will? Then you're ... in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. However, if you're not quite that adept, but still quite good with a computer, and you're in the UK, there's room for you on the team making Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft Reflections general manager Giselle Stewart told Develop that the team is adding "over 40 permanent roles at our Newcastle office." Reflections is collaborating with Ubisoft Montreal to create the open world hacking/shooting game. "Our goal is to attract senior and experienced programmers, game designers and artists to work at Reflections, bringing our team to around 200 developers," Stewart said. Just one warning: you might end up working on Just Dance as well.

Update: We've been informed the job openings for Watch Dogs are "worldwide."

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