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Anarchy Online dev update talks new engine, server migrations, and more

Jef Reahard

There's a new monthly development update for Anarchy Online on the game's official forums. It's a fairly lengthy read, but then again there's a lot going on with Funcom's long-running sci-fi MMO.

First of all, the devs are extending Halloween festivities through November 12th due to Hurricane Sandy. The team is also finalizing its scripts for the upcoming server migration, and work continues on the much-anticipated Dreamworld engine upgrade. New character models, animations, textures, and mesh armors are all on the table, and Funcom says it's "in the home stretch" on the project as a whole.

Finally, this month's letter touches on AO's Steam presence as well as Funcom's plans for upgrading the new player experience. Read all about it on the game's official forums.

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