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Breakfast Topic: Calling all slowbies -- progress check!


Not level 90 yet? Slowbies and altaholics, this is your check-in call! How are your characters faring in Mists? Seems like the pressure to cap -- your level, your professions, your gear, your reps, and even your stable of alts -- is much less pronounced in this expansion than in times past. There seem to be an awful lot of unabashed slowbies running around Azeroth lately.

So let's see whatcha got! Who's not up 90 yet? If not, where are you spending your time? (My bet's on pet battles.) I'm hearing from a lot of players who have completely given up on the usual strategy of promptly and methodically leveling an entire stable of alts. They're simply too engrossed in the level 90 gameplay. Have you gotten around to your alts yet? I confess that the greedy fingers of farming have coiled themselves around my logins. I always check my crops first, and once I'm in -- well, the to-do list seems endless, and let's just say I've had zero luck switching characters before it's time to end my play session. Poor little neglected pandaren monk. Some day.

Before I go, I've got a question for you non-slowbies out there, too. If you've kept your nose to the grindstone and managed to lift your entire group of regulars up to the level cap (or have that goal within your sights), what's next? If you've been running 85 to 90 over and over, you've still got a whole world of activities to explore once you start poking around in everything there is to do at level 90. What's on your agenda?

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