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RIFT unveils Return to Telara promotion


It's time once again for the Ascended of Telara to answer the call-to-arms with yet another Return to RIFT promotion to celebrate the imminent launch of the game's first expansion, Storm Legion. From now until Sunday, November 11th, Trion Worlds is inviting new and returning players to jump into the game for five days of free gameplay leading up to Storm Legion's launch.

During this free play time, players will be able to "go hands-on with sweeping Soul changes and dive into a pivotal World Event that shatters the peace on one continent... and opens the gates to two more." It certainly sounds as if Trion has an exciting experience in store for players, whether they're returning veterans or green recruits, so if you want to get in on the excitement, just head on over to the RIFT official site for all the details.

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