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Breakfast Topic: What rating would you give your guild chat?


Here in the US, the Motion Picture Association of America assigns ratings to our movies. A quick summary of each:
  • G Suitable for all audiences
  • PG Parental guidance suggested
  • PG-13 Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13
  • R Parent or guardian must accompany those under 17
  • NC-17 Too adult for 17 and under, so they aren't even admitted
In It came from the Blog, the rule for guildchat is that it must be PG-13. In the Sex Talk edition of Drama Mamas, the guild's forum chat seems to be closer to NC-17.

Now, I don't think that talking about sex necessarily means that the chatters are immature. Mature people can have very mature conversations. But the R to NC-17 chatter in trade chat and battlegrounds is from immature people. There is a huge difference between inappropriately sexual and maturely sexual. But I digress.

Many family guilds will keep it from G to PG, but some stronger language and more mature topics are often allowed at night. It came from the Blog can't do that because we have Australians and other international folk whose days overlap with our nights. We don't want people to be wary of letting their kids play with us because of time zone prejudice.

What rating would you give your guildchat?

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