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Joystiq Weekly: Let's joust, Chief!


It's officially that time of year where so much is going on, it disappears from the front page almost as quickly as it's published. "But there has to be a better way, Mr. Joystiq?" you cry, fingers bleeding from all that scrolling. There is now!

Welcome to the Joystiq Weekly, our weekend recap of the previous week's biggest news, best features, and more. Now, go ahead and jump into this post for an easy to consume digest of carefully curated content links. You earned it.

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DNPJoystiq Weekly Let's joust, Chief!
Joystiq Editorial Columns – We Have Opinions, Too!
  • On Sega's continued commitment to retro games, even Toejam & Earl
    JC Fletcher's "Living in the Past" column focuses what's new in the world of old games. This week he commends Sega for its updates to re-releases of retro titles. From online multiplayer in ToeJam & Earl to the special Christmas content in NiGHTS, Sega is doing right by fans.
  • Putting an end to fail states
    Xav de Matos examines fail states, those moments in games where developers force you exactly how to play their game, in his new "Invisible Walls" column. "Forget all the mechanics you've learned, all you have to do to win this part is press X!" A look at some of the worst offenders and a request that we move beyond that particular game design decision
  • Persona 4 Golden takes an interesting page from Dark Souls
    Regular columnist Kat Bailey loves her some Persona 4, but even the game's Vita re-release held a few surprises. See how one new mechanic in particular reminded Kat of From Software's devilishly difficult Dark Souls.
Joystiq Weekly Let's joust, Chief!
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