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Punch Quest now costs a dollar, Bastion is universal


Here are two big updates to really great games on iOS. First, Punch Quest (which is one of my favorite iOS games this year so far) started out as a freemium title, given away for free with a number of in-app purchases to support it financially. But developers Rocketcat Games have said in the past that the in-app purchases just aren't making enough money to continue development, so they've taken the hazardous step of raising the app's price to US$0.99. Punch Quest is a terrific title that's well worth a buck or more, so hopefully it'll do better for the devs at the higher price.

Second, Bastion, the XBLA hit that made its way to the iPad a little while ago, has released an update that makes the game universal. In fact, not only does the game now work on both iPhone and iPad, but it's also been updated to work with the iPhone 5's wider screen. iCloud syncing has been included as well, so all of your progress from the iPad should move over. Bastion is another terrific title, and it's available on the App Store right now for $4.99.

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