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The Secret World Issue #4 hitting servers November 15 [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

Anyone trying to log into The Secret World at 7:00 a.m EST tomorrow, November 15th, will find the game offline. At this time, Issue #4 Big Trouble in the Big Apple will be added to the game. After the server downtime (which is expected to be three hours), folks will be able to log in and experience TSW's first ever raid taking place on the streets of NYC as well as stage plays for other players in London's Albion Theatre. Other additions to this fourth monthly update include changes in PvP and a new chainsaw weapon.

[Update: Devs posted an update noting they forgot to mention one little thing: "So, that announcement is also supposed to say clearly in big letters: BUT THE NEW YORK RAID WILL REMAIN LOCKED UNTIL FINAL TESTING IS COMPLETE."]

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