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Joystiq's Wii U launch guide


As the Wii U nears its November 18 launch in North America, we're finally starting to get more information about the strange device, and our game reviews are now starting to go up. To help you keep up with the numerous reviews and copious coverage we've done and will continue to do through the launch period, here's a roundup of Wii U information.

We'll continue updating this post as more content goes up, allowing you to keep track of the insanity.



Joystiq's Wii U launch guide
  • Nintendo Land: "Wii Sports wouldn't be caught dead with dual-analog shooter controls, for example. Nintendo Land demands a more literate audience." ★★★★
  • New Super Mario Bros. U: "In New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario comes closer to his glory days than he has in years." ★★★★ 1/2
  • Sing Party: "Sing Party is the best karaoke game for the Wii U because it's the only one, but in the wider world of karaoke it's easily overlooked." ★★
  • Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition: Our Arkham City review updated to reflect new Wii U content.
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