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SOE releases Vanguard's City of Brass update

Jef Reahard

It's already been quite a week for AAA MMO updates. We've had expansions from RIFT and EverQuest II and a meaty patch from The Secret World. Fashionably late to the party is Vanguard, another SOE fantasy title that has just released its City of Brass patch.

We previewed the new content at last month's SOE Live, and you can also check out today's patch notes to see what exactly the devs have in store. The short version goes something like this: There's a dozen new boss mobs and accompanying loot drops, a 12-player encounter featuring The Keeper of Lesser Wishes, and the city of Jhor Razkur, which is a new adventure area designed for players at or approaching the level cap.

Quests to enter the City of Brass can be obtained outside Khal's eastern walls. Today's patch also introduces the Thanksgiving-themed Harvest Festival and tweaks the Druid class as well as the game's market window.

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