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Breakfast Topic: That one dumb thing that always happens to you


Sometimes, it's hard not to wonder if some other player out there somewhere isn't hogging all your luck. Is the zeppelin always leaving just as you pop out of the top of the tower? Do your groups learn about knockback effects from watching you get knocked off cliffs, ledges, platforms? Does all your soil seem to hide Squatting Virmen? Do all your unsold auctions come back the moment you leave town? Let's not even talk about loot rolls.

You've already heard about my stellar lack of luck with phasing mechanics. That was a big deal -- but wanna know what small but annoying little thing always happens to me? The only time I get free time plus the inclination to play WoW during work hours is during maintenance. I used to think I was just being silly and not noticing that my schedule is lighter on Tuesday mornings -- only it's not. Tuesdays are logjammed with some of the most intense writing deadlines of my week. So why would I expect to be able to grab some WoW time on a Tuesday morning? Yet miraculously, when I find myself with just enough free time some morning to log in and toss back some dailies, it's Tuesday. What the heck?! Eventually, I began to notice that if I tried to log in late some afternoon on evening when I don't usually play, there would be some sort of emergency maintenance. I'm just not destined to play WoW at nontraditional-for-me times.

Is there some annoying little thing that always seems to buzz in and sting you in game? Something so seemingly inconsequential (if not for the fact that it always seems to happen to you) that you almost feel embarrassed to mention it? Let's hear your bad luck trials and tribulations, fellow sufferers.

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