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Namco games and more on sale for iOS this weekend


We're likely to see quite a few iOS games go on sale this week and next, as the holiday season (Too soon? Sorry!) revs up into gear. Namco has led the pack off this year, with a nice long list of holiday sales on its apps.

Through Monday the 19th, nearly all of Namco's games are cheaper than usual. Soulcalibur is down to US$6.99 in a universal form, the Dig Dug and Galaga remix games are just a buck each, the great Pac Man Championship Edition is just 99 cents (that's a must-buy at that price), and I Love Katamari is down to $1.99. There are a few other deals in Namco's catalog, but those are definitely the standouts.

Elsewhere on the App Store, Worms 2: Armageddon is down to just 99 cents, which is an excellent deal. Kairosoft's great racing team simulator Grand Prix Story is only 99 cents as well, so be ready to lose your weekend playing that one.

Finally, Puzzle Craft, which is my favorite iOS game of the year so far, is completely free this weekend. That's a must-grab for sure -- that game's mix of puzzle gameplay and very deep progression was a huge win for me this year. If you haven't picked up Puzzle Craft yet, definitely get it. Stay tuned for lots more big deals and app sales on the store this week.

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