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Facebook testing auto iOS photo uploads for some mobile users

If you're one of the (lucky?) few selected by Facebook to be part of its latest beta test, you'll be able to have photos taken on your iOS device automatically uploaded to the social network. According to TechCrunch, some Facebook for iOS users are finding a new option, Photo Sync, in the app. By enabling the feature, the app quietly uploads new photos taken by the device to a private photo album on Facebook.

To check if you've been selected, launch the Facebook app and tap Photos in the left-hand navigation bar. Scroll to the bottom of your photos and you'll see the option to enable Photo Sync if you're in the beta group. Of course, even if the option is present, Facebook could discontinue the auto-upload trial at any time. Hopefully, though, the test will go smoothly and we'll see the option enabled for all users before too long.

[Via Venture Beat]

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