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Steam Autumn Sale is live: Walking Dead, XCOM, Terraria, indies and flashes


Steam's Autumn Sale kicks off today with major discounts on XCOM: Enemy Unknown ($33.50), Magic 2013 ($5), The Walking Dead complete season ($12.50), Darksiders 2 ($17), Terraria ($3.40) and Age of Empires 3 Complete ($10). The Autumn Sale ends November 26.

The Autumn Sale also includes an indie offering, today with World of Goo ($2.50), Lucid ($2.50), QUBE ($3.75), Audiosurf ($2.50), Cave Story ($2.50), Krater ($5) and tons more on sale. Hit up the indie tab, under the "Specials" section, for more deals.

Current flash sales highlight Limbo ($2.50), The Amazing Spider-Man ($25) and Payday: The Heist ($5), among others, all on sale for just a matter of hours and with more to fill in their expired spots (hurry!).

Yesterday a little birdie told us the Steam Autumn Sale would begin today and run through November 27 (which is now confirmed as November 26), with the Winter Sale scheduled for December 20 - January 4.

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