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Rdio for iOS hits version 2.0: now with all-new design, unified player and more (update: Android too!)


Rdio's done a pretty decent job at often keeping its desktop and mobile apps updated with fresh features. With that in mind, the streaming service has just pushed out v2.0 of its iOS application, which includes a novel and very sleek design that, as you can see above, brings an all-new navigation bar, as well as the addition of a unified player to make syncing across multiple devices easier and a remote control feature to let folks tinker with other Rdio apps. Of course, this new version (2.0.0, to be precise) is compatible with the usual iOS suspects (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) -- and, better yet, you can grab the updated app now directly from your Cupertino device or via the source link below.

Update: Android users haven't been left out, as the updated UI is now officially available on Google Play. Hit the Rdio blog for more details or the source link to grab the app directly.

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