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SWTOR explains the rules of the Ancient Hypergate warzone


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As Star Wars: The Old Republic continues testing Issue 1.6, PvPers are understandably anxious to get their hands on the new warzone coming with this update. Senior Designer Rob Hinkle has a few words of instruction, wisdom, and teasing for those waiting, as he lays out a new developer diary dedicated exclusively to the Ancient Hypergate warzone.

Hinkle explains that the warzone is all about a mad scramble to secure old technology, namely a Gree hypergate. Players have two objectives to conquer and defend as well as several energy orbs that need to be grabbed and thrown into the nearest friendly energy pylon. Little orbs just want to go home, after all.

There's a pretty cool mechanic with the pylons whereby they are charged up over time until they eventually unload a massive amount of energy (as well as an explosion). The release can be magnified if a lot of enemy players have been defeated since the previous discharge, and it can also be increased or decreased if the team controls both or neither of the pylons.

It's a tricky warzone to explain, and we get the feeling that it will make a lot more sense just to see it in person. Even so, you might want to give this dev diary a read to help you prepare!

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