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Dishonored sales exceed Bethesda's expectations


The sales of Dishonored thus far have been high enough for Bethesda to consider it the beginning of a new franchise, the company has told Destructoid. Bethesda VP of marketing Pete Hines said that Dishonored is "far exceeding our sales expectations." He added that the game did "terrific numbers again" over Thanksgiving weekend, both at retail and also via Steam, where it was the best selling game over the weekend. Overseas sales have been strong as well. "Clearly we have a new franchise," said Hines.

Bethesda didn't disclose specific sales numbers, though we do know that it moved 460,200 boxed copies of Dishonored in North America during its launch month of October, an impressive number for a new IP launching at the beginning of the crowded holiday shopping season. Factor in overseas sales, Black Friday and digital sales, and Dishonored looks to be a hit.

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