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The Queue: Irregardless isn't a word, Adam

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) grew up on Schoolhouse Rock.

Seriously? Mr. Adam Holisky, you ought to know better, no matter what your iPhone tells you.

Alexey asked:

What was the first thing you did after logging in after patch?

Headed to Krasarang to see what there was to see -- which was quite a lot, actually! I do have to say though, as a Horde player I cringed when I realized Garrosh was going to accompany me on my quests. It's like being stuck doing a school project with that one kid that hasn't figured out what deodorant is for yet. Except if you tell Garrosh he's kinda smelly he'll carry out your immediate execution. His buff was kind of helpful, though.

@Orkchop asked via Twitter:

What do you think a Rogue looks like?

Well currently, mine looks like this. But I always picture rogues as sneaky, stealthy, liquid and subtle messengers of death. Or, you know, information -- but mostly death. Quiet death in the middle The Queue Irregardless isn't a word, Adamof the night when you least expect it.

Puntable1 asked:

If I upgrade a Trinket, do the proc and on-use effects get an upgrade?

Yep, they most certainly do!

Kitrine commented:

The new quests in Krasarang start out in a funny way, like Varian is playing one of the Warcraft RTS games and you're one of his characters. They arrive in the new place and he sends scouts looking for a mine. He orders the peasants to start building and finds a good spot to put up a tower. I played Warcraft II for years, and this really made me smile. : )

They do! Part of the reason I loved the A Little Patience scenario was because it was like playing the RTS games, only in MMO format. Gave me warm fuzzies and reminded me of the old games, even though I wasn't especially good at those games. RTS games are not my strong suit at all.

setnetjer asked:

I've been Combat on every rogue I've ever played. However, I've been thinking about going Assassination OS. For someone who has never played Assassination, is it easy to pick up? Or would I be best served rolling a new rogue and leveling Assassination?

Assassination is ridiculously easy to pick up. The rotation is pretty simple, and since Envenom refreshes your Slice and Dice, you only have three or four buttons to it, other than personal cooldowns of course. At the moment it's not a very button-pressing spec, because we just don't have the ton of haste that we had at the end of Cataclysm, but that should evolve over time as we get better gear. Just remember, Assassination places much more weight on mastery than the other specs do.

jealouspirate asked:

I have a question about the Operation: Shieldwall questline. I did the intro quest with Varian, who then sent me to the "A little patience' scenario. After that, nothing happened. It looks like it's actually a long chain, but no new quests were given.

And somewhat related, Justifii asked:

How do you start the "Find Thrall" quest line?

Also related, DaveAllen asked:

QftQ - how many quests should i have done in the new area today?? I got the quest to do the scenario and completed it but then it just seemed to finish there. Did i miss anything? seemed a weird place to finish

Happily, Dave Kosak answered this late last night on Twitter:

ViandePassion asked:

What is the place of Night Elf males in the Night Elf society? I mean, as far as I know, night elf infantry is almost exclusively composed of females, and almost every Night Elf leaders are females, except the druid ones(Malfurion and Staghelm).

Historically, druids have always been males, and the Sentinels have been female, along with the priestesses of Elune. However in recent years (and I'm not really certain on how recent is "recent" with a race as old as the kaldorei,) both sections of society have been allowing members of the opposite gender in to study and learn. So they were by and large a matriarchal society, but they have moved into much more equal footing. This was pretty much for gameplay purposes -- Blizzard didn't want to limit classes to one particular gender or another, because that would have been kind of silly.

Revynn asked:

So anyone else go on a soloing spree through old raids last night just because you could? Also, anyone manage to get Razorgore down solo who couldn't before 5.1? I was getting close but ran out of time.

I absolutely did, and I love the fact that I can just walk into a raid zone without having to fire up my second account now. Razorgore is soloable for some classes, but not all -- even with everything I had on my rogue, I was still two eggs short of getting to the second phase. Meanwhile, a warlock buddy had no problems with it. I suspect hunters may find it much easier to do as well, if they grab a tank pet and put it on aggressive.

TheSlounsBerry asked:

I just came back to the game after a little over a year off and I'm looking for a good place to catch up on all the lore, especially what's going on with the alliance/horde conflict leading up to and in the beginning of Mists. If anyone knows any good places I could get some recaps (don't care about spoilers) that would be great!

You may want to read Cataclysm for Dummies, Act I, II, and the epilogue -- it sums up what happened in Cataclysm and how that all wrapped up pretty succinctly. Also, KYL: The lost introduction to Theramore's Fall details what's been going on with all that conflict that's been ramping up. That ought to get you caught up to where Mists of Pandaria begins -- and the rest is just playing the game!

@JDRGriffin asked via Twitter:

Why did Wrathion branch out from rogues to everyone?

In Cataclysm, Wrathion needed help wiping out the remainder of the Black Dragonflight, as well as murdering his father, Deathwing. This was no small task, but it was readily handled by capable rogues working with enhanced items gifted to them by Wrathion. In Mists, Wrathion once again needs help for something dangerous. Something that requires everyone everywhere to get the same enhanced bits of things for their weapons in order to be successful.

If we managed to, story-wise, kill the dragon that managed to shatter the very earth and nearly destroy the world with a few rogues, and Wrathion is now saying he needs everyone ... well, we'll just say it looks like we're in for one hell of a ride when all that plays out.

Have I mentioned lately that I really like Wrathion? I really like Wrathion.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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