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iPad Remote could offer sneak peek at future Music app

iPad Remote could offer sneak peek at future Music app

A shot of the album view in Remote app on an iPad connected to an
existing iTunes library (top) and album view in the Music app on iOS 6 (above).

Those who are using the updated Remote app to connect to an existing iTunes library via an iPad are noticing that the experience is a bit different from using the Music app. As shown above, Remote looks more like iTunes 11 than its iOS siblings. There's some hope that this is the future of the Music app on iOS, and it makes sense for Apple to streamline the way the apps behave.

As Dave Caolo noted, the Up Next feature in iTunes 11 has made its way to Remote, as well as an improved search.

If the Remote experience is a glimpse of the future, it's not a bad one. I like seeing quickly which of my albums haven't been downloaded onto a particular device yet in Remote. To do the same on iOS 6, I have to go through the iTunes store. I'm not a huge fan of the faded album art when one is selected, but I like the black player with white text in Remote a lot better than grey on grey in

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