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Scientists build 'super-bulb' out of plastic, it's (apparently) fantastic


What do Michael Stipe and Dr. David Carroll have in common? Neither of them like the "fluorescent, flat, caffeine lights" that fill our offices and public spaces. Unlike R.E.M.'s lead singer, however, Carroll is actually trying to do something about them. His team has developed a plastic bulb made out of field-induced polymer electroluminescent technology (Fipel) which emulates sunlight rather than the headache-inducing blue glow we all know and despise. The team from Wake Forest University, NC, believes the tech is a perfect solution because it doesn't get hot, doesn't contain mercury and won't shatter like glass. At least one company is already interested in producing an initial batch, and there's a chance we'll see them before we get desperate and spend $200 on a lightbulb that interacts with our smartphone.

[Image Credit: Wake Forest University]

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