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Battle Dungeon goes offline due to piracy


Battle Dungeon is a tactical strategy multiplayer game for iOS that arrived on the App Store about a week ago, but it's no longer there. The developer announced on its website that it has pulled the game from the store due to piracy. The US$4.99 game (also supported by in-app purchases) experienced so many online players playing pirated copies that the developer, Hunted Cow, says that it couldn't keep the crowded servers running with the money coming in, and had to pull the plug.

They're offering refunds to anyone who bought the game outright, and money back for any in-app purchases. TUAW checked in with the developers directly about this, and they told us that the team is considering its options right now. They say that "hopefully we'll be back in business very soon." The original website post said the game would be down "for the foreseeable future," but the devs now say to expect an announcement on what's next as soon as possible.

We've heard about problems with app piracy before -- it's relatively easy for almost anyone to grab an app from the App Store, and then use widely available programs and exploits to share that app with people who haven't purchased it. That seems to be what's happened here. But fortunately for Hunted Cow, there are also a few ways to fight piracy (especially with a title that requires online play), so odds are that we'll see this game back up and running much more legitimately very soon.

[via Touch Arcade]

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