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Rayman Jungle Run adds 10 free levels [update: Android still not updated]


The excellent Rayman Jungle Run has been updated with new content on both iOS and Android. The update includes a new world called Potpourri, which features 9 levels. It also includes a new Land of the Livid Dead level. Potpourri features new mechanics, notably interactive platforms and the ability to slide on water. The update is free to all Jungle Run owners.

Also available today is a bit of new premium DLC. For $0.99 players can snag a playable Globox and two new skins for Rayman.

Update: Though the update is supposed to be available on all platforms, it appears that the Android version of Rayman Jungle Run has yet to be updated. We've contacted Ubisoft to discover when it should arrive.

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Update Available for Rayman Jungle Run - New World with 10 New Levels, Playable Globox

Today, Ubisoft released an update for Rayman Jungle Run. The update includes a brand new world, POTPOURRI, featuring 9 new levels and 1 new Land of the Livid Dead. The new world introduces new interactive gameplay elements including the ability to hit a plant to make a platform appear, and sliding on water.

The new is available for FREE to existing Rayman Jungle Run owners.

Rayman's main sidekick Globox also joins the adventure as a new playable character in the game. Playable Globox, along with two new costumes for Rayman, can be purchased for $.99.

Rayman Jungle Run can be purchased for $2.99 as a universal app for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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