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Instagram and Twitter aren't friends anymore


Remember the good old days when Instagram and Twitter (both free apps) were good buddies, playing together nicely and sharing their toys? Well, those days are long past. In an article on AllThingsD, blogger Mike Isaac details the deteriorating relationship between the two companies.

Twitter blogged this morning that Instagram has disabled integration with Twitter cards, which is how Twitter displays multimedia inside of tweets. By doing so, Instagram photos are going to appear cropped. Isaac says this is "Instagram giving Twitter the middle finger," and Instagram boss Kevin Systrom concurs. At the LeWeb conference in Paris today, Systrom said "We want to direct users to where the content lives originally. Where do you go to interact with [an Instagram] image? We want that to be because that's a better user experience."

Instagram, which is now part of Twitter competitor Facebook, is responding to Twitter's move last summer to turn off the "find my Twitter friends" feature on Instagram. Twitter has been reading the writing on the wall, and is working on providing its own set of photo filters to turn perfectly good photos into dark, scratchy and weirdly-tinted images.

Does this mean that the two companies won't be exchanging cards this holiday season? Probably.

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