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Apple snaps up former Microsoft security expert

Kristen Paget was part of an elite team of security experts hired by Microsoft to rid Windows Vista of glaring exploits. Now, as reported by Wired, she's been brought on by Apple to lend her expertise to securing the company's operating systems.

Paget's exact charge at Apple is still somewhat of a mystery, with company representatives declining to comment on the specifics of what she'll be working on. After leaving Microsoft and prior to her move to 1 Infinite Loop, Paget was employed by security firm Recursion Ventures. Wired reports that, this past July, she'd departed stating that she wished to focus on developing security-related hardware.

Paget made waves in the hacker scene in 2010 when she debuted a homemade cellular base station capable of intercepting phone calls at the Defcon security conference.

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