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ASUS sends two MeMo Pad tablets with WiFi through the FCC


It's tempting to think of ASUS' Eee Pad MeMo line as a distant memory, and not entirely without merit -- the ME370T was quickly subsumed into the Google family as the Nexus 7, while the ME171 has played second fiddle to the Transformer Pad line. There might be a revival underway soon, if you believe the FCC. The agency has approved two ASUS tablets, the MSQK001 and MSQK0W, with both tentatively rebranded as MeMo Pads. Unfortunately, that's about all we know; other than the slabs carrying WiFi networking, there's no clear giveaways in the relevant filings. We consequently can't tell whether any of them is the rumored ME172V or something truly undiscovered. As long as these aren't retreads of existing models, they still sustain ASUS' plans for a low-cost tablet line under its own name.

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