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China Unicom's iPhone 5 reservations hit 200,000

Just three days after they began, preorders for the iPhone 5 on China Unicom have doubled. On Tuesday we reported that the telecom company had received 100,000 preorders for Apple's latest smartphone and that number now stands at 200,000 according to a report by Sina Tech.

iPhone 5 launches in China on December 14. China Unicom will be offering the 16 GB model for 5,899 yuan (US$947), 32 GB model for 6,899 yuan ($1107) and 64 GB model for 7,899 yuan ($1268). The carrier charges its customers a large up-front deposit and then refunds the portion of it above the actual retail price of the phone over the course of a one, two or three-year contract.

[Via TheNextWeb]

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