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GTA: San Andreas gets Dec. 12 PSN launch date from PS Hong Kong [update: confirmed!]


PlayStation Hong Kong offers another shred of evidence that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is indeed making its way to PS3, listing the game as a download with a release date of December 12. San Andreas was rated by the ESRB for PS3 this year, as was Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 3. GTA 3 launched on PSN as a PS2 classic in September.

The Grand Theft Auto games are infiltrating a few new devices recently, topped off with Vice City's launch on iOS last week. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto 5 fans are scoping out yet another platform for that game's launch, with a petition to get it on PC.

Update: The PlayStation Blog confirms San Andreas will be released on PSN as a PS2 Classic on December 11.

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