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    Daily iPhone App: Coffee Cellar helps you track coffee tastes


    Coffee Cellar is a great little app put together by developer Christopher Waite, with a very singular goal: To track and chart the various coffees you try from day to day. Yes, if you don't usually partake in java, you probably don't need this app. But if you do like to try various roasts and blends and would like to keep a running record of what you've tried, Coffee Cellar is a great way to do it.

    The app has been available for a while, but it's been completely revamped for this version 2.0, with smoother graphics and more options for various coffee stats. Not only can you track the name of each blend and where it's from, but you can snap a picture for your records, and even use a much improved flavor interface to remember just what each coffee taste like. You can also share various coffees with friends, via email, Twitter, or Facebook, and then search your saved blends as well.

    There's more that could be done here -- it would be nice to maybe get local recommendations, or see what the most popular coffees in the system might be. But the app's well done as it is, and it's currently half off for a version 2.0 launch sale. You can pick up Coffee Cellar for just 99 cents -- about 1/4 the price of a big cup these days.

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