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1Password 4 for iOS offers new interface, favorites, more


AgileBits has updated 1Password for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to version 4 with many super new changes. It's got a beautiful new look and very handy features such as favorites, a built-in tabbed browser, a brand-new setup process and even a "demo mode" for showing off to friends without presenting all of your data. I've spent a few days with 1Password 4 and am happy to report my findings.


As they say in Hollywood, 1Password has had some work done. The whole UI has had a major facelift, and it looks good. Right off the bat you'll notice that the lock screen is new. Enter your master password, and you're brought the favorites screen. The icons in the bottom toolbar have changed, too. In the old version they were:

  • Logins
  • Accounts
  • Notes
  • Passwords
  • More

In 1Password 4, you've got:

  • Favorites
  • Categories
  • Folders
  • Settings
  • Browser

Tap any one to jump right to it. Icons used in the settings and categories screens are clear and descriptive while notes, logins, passwords and software information are also easily identified by their familiar icons. Everything is legible, clear and immediately understandable. Good work to AgileBit's visual and interaction design teams.

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For many, 1Password is a mission-critical utility, including myself. I use it to store all sorts of super important information such as passwords, serial numbers, registration info, identities and more. I take it seriously, and it's clear that the folks at AglieBits understand that.

Some evidence of this is the greatly improved browser. With the previous version of 1Password, the browser experience was sub-par. I'd come to a site that requires a password in mobile Safari, jump to 1Password, copy my credentials, jump back to mobile Safari and past them in. With version 4 I'm happy to stay in the app's browser. It's faster than its predecessor and, best of all, makes it super easy to enter your saved credentials.

To get started, swipe the browser tab on the far right of the bottom toolbar. Next, enter a URL and off you go. To enter your saved information, tap the key icon to reveal a slip. Tap the appropriate credentials and you're in. Super easy.

You also can open several tabs if you need to jump between pages. This works in a manner similar to mobile Safari, so there's nothing new to learn.

Favorites is another one of my favorite features. Previously, I'd have to scroll around until I found the credentials I was looking, for example PayPal or Hulu Plus. Now, I can star them as favorites, and they're available as soon as I enter the master password. Those who use the app a lot and store many passwords will see how wonderfully convenient this is.

It's also possible to group your passwords, notes, etc. into folders and categories. Again, this makes things easier to find. But the other feature that gets me all bubbly inside is demo mode.

To enter demo mode, first enable it in the advanced settings tab. Then, log back into the app with "demo" as the master password. Now the app displays a full set of demo data. Your real data is hidden.

What's the purpose of this? On one hand, I used it to take the screenshots in the gallery above. It's also great for showing the app off to family, friends or coworkers. It also lets you get an idea of how certain features work. You're free to play around and experiment without risking your important information.

There are other niceties. Swipe across any item to reveal the new action bar. Trash, favorite or smart copy right then and there. Sync options include Dropbox, iTunes file sharing and, finally, iCloud. Plus, 1Password 4 lets you view attachments, just like the desktop version.


There's a lot to like in this utility. It feels like a whole new app. It looks and performs better than it has. For those who seriously depend on it (like me), that's very good news. 1Password 4 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available in the App Store now for a special introductory price of $7.99 (it's full price will be $17.99). Yes, it's a separate purchase, but definitely worth it.

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