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LotRO introduces travel to quest feature


Sometimes it's the little things in life, such as a McFlurry in the middle of a business day or an MMO giving you an express ride to where you need to go. Among the bushel of features coming with Lord of the Rings Online's Update 9 is a cool tool to let you do just that (and no, we're not talking about McFlurries).

In a new dev diary, the LotRO team explains that it's adding a new icon by most quests to allow for an easy return to the quest-giver. If the icon is clicked, players have the option to immediately travel to the NPC in exchange for a Traveller's Writ. If you feel the whisper of money behind that last sentence, then you probably suspected that these items will be in the game's cash shop. This shall be the case.

"For long-standing players with several level-capped characters," the dev writes, "I expect this will make it easier to try out a new class or race."

The feature won't be available for some quests. It also won't function while you're in combat, in an instance, riding a stable mount, or in the PvMP zone.

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