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The Daily Grind: When do you break the NDA?

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're testing an MMO, you're going to have to agree to an NDA, which is essentially a not-even-verbal contract between the tester and the company. As a tester, you agree to not talk about what you're seeing during the testing phase, and in turn the company decides to trust you enough that you can see behind the scenes and into the inner workings of the game.

With most testing phases, this is broken within minutes. But not necessarily through a major leak. Many people will break the NDA in private by telling a friend what it's like in the latest Final Fantasy XIV test. Maybe you've been testing Marvel Heroes and you're not posting about it in forums, but your family members are watching you play even though they never agreed to an NDA.

At the same time, some people will remain strict to the letter of the NDA until it's lifted, and some others will ignore the whole thing and post whatever they want. So what about you? When do you break the NDA and why? (Or more accurately, when would you, since obviously anything you're testing now you would never break the agreement on.)

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