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League of Legends spotlights Vi, gets spotlighted by hacker

Eliot Lefebvre

Do you solve all of your problems via punching? Do you think that the core problem in your life isn't that you try to punch your way through problems but that you aren't punching hard enough? If so, the latest champion spotlighted by League of Legends might be right up your alley. As spotlighted in the video just past the break, Vi is a champion devoted solely to finding punch-related solutions to problems, with a variety of tricks for enduring damage, closing range, and generally punching her way through trouble.

Unfortunately for both Vi and Riot Games, less-punchable trouble may be on the horizon for the game. The unidentified hacker who recently broke into Heroes of Newerth has made statements indicating that League of Legends may be his next target, although how much of this is a genuine threat and how much is bravado remains to be seen. While this new video might inspire you to punch around a bit more in LoL, you may want to decouple any personal information from your account first.

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