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New 'iphone' launches in Brazil, lawyers cancel Christmas break


No sooner has one legal tussle ended, than another potential courtroom brawl rears its 3.7-inch screen. The new iphone has launched in Brazil, but no, we're not talking about Apple's flagship -- we mean the bravely titled Gradiente iphone Neo One. It's pretty heavy on specs compared to the iPhone we all know, and for just 599 Brazilian Real (around $285), you'll get a dual-SIM handset running the now antiquated Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. It's got a 3.7-inch, 320 x 480 display (who needs Retina), a 700MHz CPU, 2GB of expandable storage, Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi and 5 / 0.3-megapixel shooters in the arrangement you'd expect them. Sold!

Where the Goophone had a modicum of branding tact, Gradiente's waving paperwork. "IPHONE" was filed for trademark registration in Brazil in 2000, and although Apple started offering its handset in the country in 2007, Gradiente scored exclusive rights to the name in 2008. We haven't heard of the company trying to enforce its trademark, but the iphone Neo One certainly looks like bait for a big fish. We can't imagine many people will be duped by the new, new iphone, but one thing we know for sure is that Apple ain't scared'a no trademark battle. Cue litigation / settlement deal... yesterday.

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