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Dropbox continues media buying spree with photo aggregator Snapjoy


Dropbox is further framing up its media ambitions with the acquisition of photo service Snapjoy, coming hot on the heels of its Audiogalaxy purchase and photo-centric Dropbox 2.0 iOS launch. Snapjoy lets you archive and view all your photos from one place, whether they're stocked on your camera, smartphone, PC or sites like Flickr and Instagram. The terms of the purchase weren't disclosed, but the two companies know each other well, having each scored seed money, advice and connections from the co-called Y Combinator venture capital program. In a blog post, Snapjoy said it's stopped accepting any new signups as part of the deal, though it assured current users that they "can continue to use Snapjoy to share and enjoy photos just as you do now." It added that the sale will bring its service to more than 100 million Dropbox users at some point, and it looks to give its new owner options in the photo space. That might see Dropbox butting heads with the likes of Flickr, Picasa and new partner Facebook -- who recently launched its own Photo Sync service.

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