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10 indies to receive free Ouya dev kits


The first Ouya dev consoles are set to ship later this month and 10 lucky indie developers have been chosen to receive free Ouya dev kits through a Twitter promotion. Over the past 10 days, Ouya picked a different hopeful Ouya developer each day, the list of which is presented below along with links to more information about each's respective game:This doesn't mean each of these games is a lock for Ouya, we should note. These 10 individuals aren't getting final retail Ouya boxes – those don't ship until March 2013 – but rather free special limited-edition developer versions of Ouya, valued at $800 a pop. And while these initial shipments vary slightly from the retail Ouya units coming next year, we're compelled to note all Ouya consoles will allow for software development.

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