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Engadget Podcast 321 - 12.21.2012


Did we mention it's the end of the world? We did? Oh, okay. Well if that's all getting a little too much depressing, then perhaps this week's reader questions aren't for you. If you're an optimist, however, there's plenty of other gadget talk to enjoy. Just, y'know, don't say we didn't warn you.

Hosts: Brian Heater, Terrence O'Brien, Dana Wollman
Producer: James Trew

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03:31 - The Engadget Show 39: Holiday Spectacular with Jonathan Coulton, John Roderick and Ben Heck
05:51 - HTC 8S review: a budget Windows Phone that doesn't compromise on style
12:20 - Samsung ATIV S review: the Galaxy S III, repackaged for Windows Phone 8
14:57 - Foxconn reportedly manufacturing Amazon smartphone
22:06 - Google selects five additional Kansas City markets for Fiber rollout
25:07 - Forrester report finds US tablet ownership doubled this year
25:23 - Boeing tests the effect of WiFi on flights, substitutes potatoes for humans
30:13 - Cat Car turns your feline into a furry RC vehicle
31:55 - The Buddhist' video game knows there's more to life than collecting coins, saving princesses
34:28 - Solidoodle 3 is an $800 3D printer that you can stand on, we go hands (and feet) on
39:39 - Help us pick the winner for our 'Bring a Reader to CES 2013' contest!

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