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Age of Wushu's Scholar school teaches the art of death

MJ Guthrie

If you've hopped into Age of Wushu's open closed beta, which started yesterday, you've probably noticed a new school available, one distinct from the previous reveals of beggars, monks, assassins, guards, and such. Folks who prefer a more cultured outlook can join the Scholars, a sect that focuses on the arts. In fact, before joining this school, players must acquire one of the four Cultural professions: Musician, Painter, Calligrapher, or Weiqi. This school is also one of only two neutral sects.

With an elegant combat style rooted in dance, scholars use flourishing, theatrical moves in swordplay. They also use musical frequencies to cause internal damage; one legend tells of an ultimate song that can deal fatal damage to a foe without spilling a single drop of blood. You can check out the Scholars moves in Massively TV's Age of Wushu stream.

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