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Breakfast Topic: What character creation feature do you wish WoW would add?


I need character size scaling. No, you don't understand -- I neeeed it. My characters suit me best when they're on the same scale as I am in the real world: average frame but a little on the short side. I have never, ever gotten used to gallumphing about as an awkwardly towering night elf. (And don't even get me started about the size of those mitts.) If I could dial down the height, though, I'd feel perfectly at home in her skin.

My husband could spend all day (and thanks to City of Heroes, RIP, he sometimes did) tweaking obscure character settings to come up with the perfect individual. I'm not so fussy. Faces, for instance, are not a big deal. I appreciate being able to go beyond a standard half-dozen, but let's face it: This is not the part of my character I'm staring at day in and day out. That's right, you devils: I want my character's butt to be exactly the dimensions I prefer. I want to feel at home trotting along behind this figure for years to come.

What character creation features do you wish WoW offered? If you could further customize one thing about your own beloved Azerothian, what would it be?

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