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Canon Cinema EOS-1D C hits stores in Japan today, expected stateside later this week

Zach Honig

At $11,999, this latest Canon 1D is hardly set to become a DSLR bestseller, but there are certainly a few pro shooters willing to line up for an incredibly versatile 18-megapixel 4K cam, with EOS lens compatibility and a full-frame sensor. We were expecting Canon's top-of-the-line beast to sell for just shy of $15,000, so this new sub-$12k sticker is a pleasant surprise. You'll also need to invest in a battery of high-speed (at least 100MB/s) CF cards -- the 1D C captures 4096 x 2160 video at 24 frames per second with an approximate file size of 3.76 gigs per minute of footage, according to the camera's instruction manual, which you'll find, along with a purchase link, at the source link below. The EOS-1D C is expected to hit stores in the US later this week, but a few lucky shooters have been out and about capturing demo reels for the last few weeks -- you'll find some of that footage after the break, along with a few more clips at the coverage links below.

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