Fitbug launches Bluetooth-connected activity sleep tracker and scales (hands-on)

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Fitbug launches Bluetooth-connected activity sleep tracker and scales (hands-on)

Not to be confused with a similar product, the UK-based Fitbug has unveiled a collection of new connected health gadgets here at CES. The Fitbug orb is button-sized tracker that measures calories, distance and even pace. The pedometer tech inside also monitors your sleeping pattern. Connectivity wise, it can hook up to iOS devices including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd and 4th generation) and the iPad Mini, while Android support will be limited to Samsung's Galaxy S III. There's three sync modes: Push, for instant updates, beaconing means you can send data at intervals throughout the day, or stream data to monitor your pace. It's Fitbug's first device to offer sleep tracking and will monitor your night-time movements like we saw on Jawbone's Up. It launches in white, black and pink and can be housed in a watch strap or its own neck pendant. It launches on Fitbug's own retail site priced at £45 ($73). The Fitbug Wow Bluetooth-enable scales will connect to a similar list of iOS devices, although there's no word on Android compatibility yet. You can monitor weight-loss (or gain) through the company's refreshed website too, and the device will launch in March priced at £70 ($114) or £100 ($163), including the company's Air activity tracker.

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