iHome iDL100G Lightning Dock hands-on

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iHome iDL100G Lightning Dock hands-on

iHome didn't waste any time getting word out about its suite of CES-ready wares last week and here at CES Unveiled 2013, we're getting our first look at the stars of its lineup. Hailed as a first for the company's product line, the iDL100G and the iDL45 are two docks that support Apple's new Lightning port, making them attractive options for owners of the iPhone 5 or refreshed iPad and iPod. The triple-charging dock -- iHome's highest-end model -- retails for $150 and is fairly attractive, though it doesn't match the luxury of the Jony Ive-crafted hardware it's made to service. Up top, there are two Lightning ports to accommodate compatible devices (one dedicated as iPad charging station) and an array of buttons for alarm settings, snooze as well as bedtime, which works with a free iHome+Sleep iOS app. The 3Wx2 speakers aren't the most robust -- we noticed distortion when volume was approaching max -- but it seems serviceable as a Bluetooth-enabled FM tuner or iTunes playlist outpost. It's not currently available, but you can look for it and the lower-end iDL45 dual charging dock to hit retail shelves later this March.

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Sarah Silbert contributed to this report.

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