Hisense's 65-inch XT900 Ultra High Definition TV eyes-on

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Mat Smith
January 7, 2013 7:29 PM
Hisense's 65-inch XT900 Ultra High Definition TV eyes-on

The world's fifth-largest TV maker has officially unveiled its new 65-inch UHDTV here at CES and we've just basked in the glow of its sumptuous 3,840 x 2,160 panel. WiFi-enabled, with a USB detachable camera perched on top, Hisense's new UHDTV is capable of 2D-to-3D picture conversion (with active shutter glasses) and multi-screen functionality. Unfortunately, the dim event room may not be the best place to show off these pixel-dense devices, but we came away impressed. The 4K trailer was crisp, colors were bold, while that minor bezel and slim profile helped too. It'll also join the rest of Hisense's new range with Roku compatibility. Frustratingly, Hisense hasn't revealed how much it'll set you back (or when you'll be able to pick one up) but don't let that stop you imagining which room you might be able to cram in the 110-inch version.

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