LG's curved EA9800 OLED display eyes-on

One word describes LG's EA9800 curved OLED: stunning. We were as wowed as anybody else stumbling about LG's monstrous booth who happened upon this three-panel wide miracle. LG is touting this 55-inch WRGB set as the industry's first curved ergonomic display with Cinema 3D support. The idea behind the curve is to reduce screen edge distortion by keeping the entire display surface the same distant from your eyes. Pricing and shipping date is a mystery, but, LG's flat 55-inch OLED set is a cool $12K so you can expect something in that ballpark we'd assume. Unfortunately we couldn't get as close as we wanted, though we still grabbed a bit of video and some pictures for you to enjoy. So breeze on past the break and check them out.

James Trew contributed to this report